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31 Civilians Killed After Saudi Jet Crashed Airstrikes on Yemen

According to sources, around thirty-one people killed on Saturday in Yemen. On Friday, the Tornado aircraft came down in northern Al-Jawf province to support government forces during an operation. It was the case of rare shooting down that prompted operations in that particular area by a Saudi jet military coalition fighting the rebels. The rising deadly violence follows an upsurge in fighting in northern Yemen between the two parties. It threatens to worsen the war-battered humanitarian crisis of the country. According to preliminary field reports, 31 civilians killed on Friday, and 12 others got injured in strikes. 

News About Saudi Jet

The victims of apparent Saudi jet retaliation after Iran-backed Houthi to rebels claimed to have shot down one of its jets. Though no cause of the crash that has revealed, a coalition statement has found which states that rebels have opened fire at them. Along with it, the UN resident coordinator had said in a statement that humanitarian partners had shown rapid response teams for the victims. The team has also helped many of the people transferred to the hospitals for the proper treatment.

31 killed in airstrikes after Saudi jet crashed 

Around 21 people murdered and other seven wounded in an airstrike by the Saudi-led Arab coalition in northern Yemen in a hotel. The downing of a Tornado in the sky is an indication of remarkable growth in Yemeni air defense capabilities. 

 It had found that two officers ejected from the plane before the jet crashed. But the Houthis has opened fire at officers. However, the spokesman of the Saudi-led coalition, Colonel Turki al-Malki has said that a Tornado jet had crashed in Al-Jawf. Some of the rescue operations have launched, and the possibility of collateral damages has also reported without offering much information. Al-Jawf had revealed that children and women were the main target killed in the jet crash. Al-Jawf is a health ministry in Houthi-controlled.

Previously, the alliance of Sunni and Arab countries has accused of bombing civilian targets. It even includes hospitals as well as schools. However, it has denied targeting intentionally private property along with infrastructure. Please keep sharing this news worldwide to prevent further happenings. 

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