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300 dead in iran after drinking methanol thinking as it will cure the Coronavirus

Many rumours are spreading like fire….please don’t believe them ,it’s of no use..!!

As covid-19 is taking its wildest form in every country.people are searching everywhere to find the cure of this biggest problem.many rumours are also emerging regarding this covid-19 ,believing in rumors people are trying unnecessary things to cure coronavirus.

Death rate from drinking alcohol in Iran?

According to the news ,at least 300 people are dead in Iran while more than 1000 people are sick after drinking methanol as there were rumors that drinking methanol will cure coronavirus .


Due to coronavirus ,social media is filled all with rumours and fake remedies to cure coronavirus,most of the cures are related with alcohol consumption which are not beneficial for health.

Seeing the death rate in Iran ,alcohol has been banned by the government in Iran.

Some advisor from the health ministry in Iran has said that death rates due to alcohol consumption are compounding rapidly and it is an unexpected result of this pandemic.

Problems created by drinking alcohol?

One of the advisors from the health ministry  Hassanian said that all the countries have to deal only with coronavirus while Iran has to deal with the people who are poisoned by alcohol and those who are fighting against coronavirus.

This will be a shock to you ,when you come to know that in some places like Khuzestan and Fars death from drinking alcohol is more than death due to coronavirus.So drinking alcohol to cure coronavirus has created a major issue across Iran so must be taken into consideration very seriously.

So what is the cure?

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It is a great request from our government that don’t believe in these fake news to cure coronavirus ,the government is trying very hard to treat each and every patient and each individual is accountable to him/her ,each should stay at their home ,and must follow precautionary measures to avoid covid-19.

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