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21 Million Cell Phones Really Disappear in China? Check the Reality

What’s the Rumour That Is Circulating:

The wireless carrier in China is reporting a drop-in in the number of cell phone users due to the coronavirus pandemic. There is a reduction of 21 million cell phone user in China. This led to the rumour that the 21 million cellphone user that have reduced in China are the people who died due to coronavirus. Thus people are suspecting that China is hiding the true number of deaths from coronavirus and 21 million people have died in China.

Who Started the Rumour:

Many articles were written on the topic of cell phone users vanishing in China. Many social media users and some online portal related the decrease in the number of the cell phone user and the number of deaths in China due to the coronavirus. The rumour was soon converted into a conspiracy theory that China is hiding the number of deaths in its country and the 21 million users which have decreased in the month of January and February is the true number of deaths which are reported in China and the 82,000 death reported by the Chinese government is false. Some videos were also released on Youtube which was spreading this rumour and they got 4 lakhs views on YouTube till now.

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What’s the Real Fact:

The rumour of 21 million deaths in China is totally false. The true news is that China mobile carriers have lost 21 million subscribers due to the Coronavirus pandemic. So the truth is that the mobile phone has not vanished in China but it is the number of mobile subscription that has been cancelled by users during the pandemic. Its the first time since 2000 that the world’s largest mobile carrier-China Mobile Ltd has reported a decline in the number of users.

This is due to the reduction in business activity across China due to virus spread. China Unicom (Hong Kong) Ltd and China Telecom corporation have lost 7.8 million and 5.6 million users respectively in the month of January and February. Most of the decrease is because people who went home for the lunar holidays in China and could not return to their workplace due to the virus so most have them have cancelled the work region mobile subscriptions. These workers generally have subscriptions of two regions one of their workplace and others for their home.