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20 Successful Movie and TV Adaptations Create a Large Pool of Audience by Containing Beloved Details of the Books

Illustrated books are always a perfect demonstration of a character and it’s identity. Yes it is old fashioned to say the least. But if you want to gain proper and sufficient knowledge about an event or a character’s inner depth, books are always the best option.

In Hollywood, adapting from famous novels and making TV shows and movies on them has been a very common phenomenon. Often due to the lack of creative and genuine content, directors have confided in making these books their comfort zones. However there are some perils attached to it.

Why Movies and TV Adaptations Aren’t Always in Alignment With the Books?

Whenever a production house undertakes a project of a movie or a TV series, based on a book, it has to keep certain things in mind. Firstly the show must not linger on all insignificant details, as they have a constricted show time to say the least. However one needs to be careful as the voracious readers tend to watch these shows, in order to see how their favorite novels are illustrated digitally.

At times there arise cases when the directors deduct a portion from the book and create their own version. This mainly comprises of locations and characters. Enraged fans become really pissed off when they see this and in comes the flood of hate comments, leading to the closure of the show.

20 Movie and TV Adaptations Which Have Omitted Vital Details From the Books

• Love, Simon- First kiss between Bram and Simon.
• Game of Thrones- Relationship between Catelyn Stark and Woman Stone heart.
• To All the Boys P.S I Nonetheless Love You- Stormy grandson was John Ambrose.
• Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince- Backstory of Tom Riddle.
• Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban- Peeves the Poltergeist.
• The Princess Diaries- Mia’s Dad is not dead.
• The Maze Runner- Thomas and Theresa’s Telepathic Connection.
• Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire- Reeta Skeeter’s Backstory.
• Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters- Circea turning Percy into a Guinea Pig.
• Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows- Remus fights his own son.
• The Lord of the Rings Trilogy- Tom Bambidil.
• Perks of Being a Wallflower- Candace being accompanied by Charlie to an abortion clinic.
• The 100- Present Relationship of Bellamy and Clarke.
• The Princess Diaries- Mia and Michael’s relationship.
• Paper Cities- Reason why the characters chase Margo.
• Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows- Remus and Tonks Son.
• Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief- Waterland hosts the Thrill Trip’ o Love theme.
• Dying Beware- Gentle lived in Tokyo.
• Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire- Harry donates his winnings to the Weasleys.
• Fifty Shades Darker- Christian Grey’s future.

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What Fans expect from the Adaptations?

Fans expect the adaptations to be accurate and in alignment with the script. Changes are obviously appreciated only when they are in tandem with the plot details of the books.