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2 Sadhu Killed in Maharashtra Palghar and 110 Arrested

Three people, including 2 sadhus were killed by the mob in a small village in Maharashtra’s Palghar district which is just 125 kilometres from Mumbai. Once again the reason for lynching became a rumour, there was a rumour that three people are kidnapping children for trafficking organs and then the three were attacked by the locals with planks and iron rods attacked the three persons which led to their death. The three were dead when they reached the hospital.

More than 100 people involved in the attack:

The three people were attacked by the wild crowd when the three people were on their way to Mumbai from Nashik to attend a funeral. The villagers wrongly took them as thieves and attacked them. The police team which came to rescue the three men were also attacked by the dangerous mob. Their car was stopped by the crowd and they were violently pulled out of the car and were then brutally beaten to death. Among the three killed, two were sadhu and one was the driver of the car they were travelling in. According to police, they were outnumbered on the spot by the crowd and they failed to save the lives of the three-man from the mad crowd. Till now police have arrested about 110 people and an investigation has been ordered into the case.

Cause of the attack a rumour:

The three men killed are Sushil Giri Maharaj, Jayesh and Naresh Yalgade who are the resident of Kandivali, Mumbai. They were travelling to Nashik to attend a funeral but on their way, they were stopped by the crowd of village Palghar, a village where the rumours about a gang which kidnaps children and sell their organs were circulating for last few days. The crowd that was thirsty for blood wrongly took the three men as the part of the child thief gang and were beaten brutally.

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In one of a few recordings of the ambush a man can be heard yelling “Oye, isko maro (Hey, hit him)” and the 70-year-old casualty can be seen, encompassed by a furnished horde and draining severely from his head, asking for his life as cops attempt to control the circumstance.

A second shows many residents methodicallly breaking the glass windows of a police watch vehicle. One more shows the vehicle turned over with the windshield broke.

Police not confirmed whether the three were killed based on rumours:

Though there were rumours about child thief gang in the village, the police doubt that the intensity of attack carried by the crowd against the 2 sadhus and their driver shows that they were determined to kill the three people. An investigation on the matter is on the way and police is working on all the angles possible in the case and the real motive behind this mob lynching.