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One-Man Punch – The balded Superhero in Season Two !!


Title says it all , One punch man – the japanese anime series based on a superhero who posses the power of defeating his enemies in one blow. The series is based on the Japanese webcomic curated by ‘One’. The manga adaptation of the same webcomic was illustrated by Yusuke Murata.

What is One Punch Man about:

Saitama, The Japanese superhero who has ability to make his enemies touch the ground in one punch. He has acquired these powers by strict daily training regimen and hard work. There are many superheroes in the world of Saitama who are active to fight with the evil entities.
Saitama eventually grows to be bored of his enemies. He finds no one challenging enough for his strength.

Season one

Shingo Natsume directed the  season one of One Man Punch . The first season was animated by Madhouse. Tomohiro Suzuki wrote all the episodes of first season.
Characters were designed by Chikashi Kubota

On October 5,2015 The first season was aired in Japan . The show aired till December 21, 2015.
First season  had 12 episodes and featured many villains such as Vaccine man, doctor genus and Mosquito Girl.
The first season originally streamed on Daisuki and Hulu in Asia.
In 2016, The first season was dubbed into English and afterwards it aired on Hulu in America.
In 2015 , one man punch was praised all over the world and was declared as the Best Anime Of The Year.

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Second Season

In September 2016, second season of one man punch was confirmed but it was released three years later.  Chikara Sakurai replaced Shingo Natsume as director and it was animated by J.C. staff replacing Madhouse.
After long three years of wait , the
second season aired on April 9, 2019 running till July 2, 2019 in Japan and America. On 2nd April,  a television special aired.
Season 2 also had 12 episodes.
The music of One Man Punch has been directed by Makoto Miyazaki.

In season Two the series introduces new villain. Garou – The hero Hunter or Hero killer is  introduced into the second season of One Man Punch.  With his dialogue ‘ This Is a Slaughter Party’ , the hero Hunter sets out to finish the heros in the world . It eventually leads him to the Saitama and His brother. Second season revolves around the Saitama’s fight against The Garou to stop him from destruction.

Season Two Cast

Makoto Furukawa – Saitama

Kaito Ishikawa – Genos

Yuuki Kaji – Speed-o’-Sound Sonic

Aoi Yūki – Terrible Tornado

Kazuhiro Yamaji – Silverfang

Kenjiro Tsuda -Atomic Samurai

Minami  Takayama -Child Emperor

Tesshō Genda – Metal Knight

Hiroki Yasumoto – King

Takahiro Sakurai – Zombieman

Yōji Ueda – Drive Knight

Diasuk Namikawa – pig God