15 Grammy and an Oscar winner happy birthday to the rap legend Eminem

The famous American rapper, song writer and record producer Marshall Bruce Mathers (third) is 48 years now. He’s famous by the name Eminem and borned on 17 October 1972. His famous name Eminem has a very deep meaning as ” Every mother is nice excelt mine “. He has a net worth of $230 million and known as the best selling music award of all time with a sales of 220 million records. He’s been up to many awards including 15 Grammy Award, 8 American Music award and 17 billboard Music award.

10 Biggest selling album of Eminem

1. The Marshall Mathers LP (2000)

2. Curtain call – the hits (2005)

3. The Eminem show (2002)

4. Encore (2004)

5. The slim shady LP (1999)

6. Recovery (2010)

7. The Marshall Mathers LP second (2013)

8. Relapse (2009)

9. Revival (2017)

10. Music to be murdered by (2020)

The current deadly attack on Eminem this year

On April 5 2020 Eminem has to go through a serious deadly attack as Mathews hughes broke into his House by breaking the kitchen window with a stone and appeared in front of Eminem to kill him that day. Later Mathew has to deal with law enforcement with fine and punishment for house invasion and property damage.

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Dark phase for Eminem

Eminem didn’t had a very happening childhood and a supportive life. From the start he had to deal with many up & Downs. When he was just 18 months old, his father left him and her mother. Eminem’s mother never loved me and made life hard for him. He was never good at academics and even failed his 9th standard 3 times. Eminem also lost his best friend to death. He loved rapping but his first few albums failed badly. Eminem married to his high school gf twice and it never ended in a good way, he have 3 kids now. There was also this time when he tried suicide.