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139 New Planets Discovered: Just Beyond Neptune’s Orbit

Background of galaxy and stars

Astronomers have come up with an amazing new discovery. They have discovered 139 new “minor planets” in the far away end of the solar system just beyond Neptune’s orbit which could finally even give us our much awaited planet nine.

A new study published revealed that the data obtained from the Dark Energy Survey helped astronomers find 139 non documented Trans-Neptune objects.

According to further researches by this is the discovery that finally gives them some hope to find the theoretically present but practically missing planet nine and other various undiscovered planets.

“There are lots of ideas about giant planets that used to be in the solar system and aren’t there anymore, or planets that are far away and massive but too faint for us to have noticed yet,” quoted Gary Bernstein, the famous physicist and astronomer from the University of Pennsylvania.

The new discovery is also very fascinating as it leads a new path to discovering something new about our galaxy which is far far away.

“Making the catalogue is the fun discovery part. Then when you create this resource; you can compare what you did find to what somebody’s theory said you should find”, Bernstein added.

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