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13 Reasons Why season four updates.

13 reasons why is the teen mystery drama based on the novel of same name written by Jay Asher and Pu lished in 2007. The series is directed by Brian Yorkey.

The book featured the girl who killed herself leaving the recordings before her death about the reasons of why she killed herself.

The first season was based on the life of Hannah Baker and in the other seasons they explored the lives of other kids with her and about the mysteries in their lives.

Release date of season four

First season of the 13 Reasons Why premiered on 31st March on Netflix in 2017. In May 2017 makers of the show announced renewal of second season and the season aired in May 18,2018. After being renewed in June 2018, the third season went on air on 23rd August in 2019. Before the third season aired ,they announced renewal of 4th season.

We might expect 13 seasons why to return to the screens in late 2020. Release date has still not announced officially. It has been decided that 4th season will be the season finale.

Is there a trailer out ?

No , We don’t have the trailer for season 4 . But as per the records of 13 reasons why , we might get to watch the trailer few weeks before the release .

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Cast of season four

Dylan Minnette will play Clay Jensen.
Christian Navarro will be in role of Tony Padilla.
Alisha Boe will be playing Jessica Davis.
Justin Foley is played by Brandon Flynn.
Miles Heizer will play Alex Standall.
Ross Butler plays Zach Dempsey.
Devin Druid will be seen as Tyler Down.
Amy Hargreaves will play Lainie Jensen and Anne Winters ,Chlöe Rice.

It is also said that JanLuis Castellanos will be joining as Diego Torres, in the role of troubled football team leader.

What will be the fourth season about

The third season was centred around the murder of Bryce walker and the season finale revealed his murderer being Alex but Monty had The blame on himself while he gets killed in the prison.

The fourth season will be the series finale so we might get to see all the mysteries getting solved, all the lied to be unmasked . We will be seeing the guys being graduated.