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13 Reasons Why Season 4 Release Date, Cast and Plot Details

This novel turned series of Jay Asher had us all waiting for us for more. And we all are getting a renewal for the web series soon. The American teen drama had been featured by Netflix. And we highly recommend you to watch the last three seasons and watch out for the new one coming up soon.

13 Reasons Why Season 4 : Release Date

The last season was published in August 2019. So Netflix had revealed a date for the premiering of season 4 of the web series. According to the production crew, it is going to get featured on this June 5th! That’s not so far.

Also, they had disclosed about season 4 being the final season. This has created controversies in the industry.

13 Reasons Why Season 4 : Cast

Also, we are officially given the members whom we are gonna see in the season 4 as well. We also might get a few familiar new faces in the coming season. However, here is a list of aspiring actors that is going to be a part of season 4:

1. Dylan Minnette as Clay Jensen

2. Brandon Flynn as Justin Foley

3. Grace Saif as Ani Achola

4. Alisha Boe as Jessica Davis

5. Miles Heizer as Alex Standall

6. Ross Butler as Zach Dempsey

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7. Christian Navarro as Tony Padilla

8. Devin Druid as Tyler Down

9. Anne Winters as Chloe

10. Tyler Barnhardt as Charlie St. George

11. Timothy Granaderos as Montgomery de la Cruz

12. Deaken Bluman as Winston Williams

13. Inde Navarrette as Estela de la Cruz

14. Amy Hargreaves as Mrs. Jensen

15. Austin Aaron as Luke Holliday

16. RJ Brown as Caleb

17. Brenda Strong as Mrs. Walker

18. Mark Pellegrino as Deputy Standall

19. Steven Weber as Principal Bowen

20. Josh Hamilton as Matt Jensen

21. Jan Luis Castellanos as Diego Torres

Also, the teaser shows us a glimpse of Justin Prentice who has the role of Bryce Walker. So we might get a few shots of him as well

13 Reasons Why Season 4 : Plot

Hannah’s death in season 1 had given us chills and it had been removed for some safety concern. For the moment, it’s all about the characters graduating from high school. Also, there is a lot to reveal about the unfortunate death of Bryce.

There had been lots of technical difficulties in shooting the final aspects of the web series. Also there is a lot revolving around Tony’s family. Who knows, season 4 might get up with a totally new face after all.

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