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10 Things To Know If Your Crush Likes You Or Not

In the present world, it is challenging to find someone as a matchmaker. It is hard to have romantic love, and if you find them, then it is difficult to maintain. Here are ten signs that you must know to understand the moves.

Eye contact

If your tastes are the same, then you both lock up your eyes regularly. You have something to say but could not discover. It means you both like each other.

Casual touches

You will feel some different feelings when touching each other while sitting together. They would try to touch hands or put a hand on the shoulder.

Words and body language

When you meet them, then you feel you are looking at yourself in a mirror. You both behave unconsciously together. You have a great liking and collaboration.

Removing Obstacles

If you do not want to share something with someone, then you cross your arms. But if you someone to be very close, you spread your body widely. You make sure to narrate the whole story happened. They will help to sort it out.

Feet position

Look at the feet of a person you like to keep a check on their position. If you feel attracted to someone, you point feet towards them. No matter if someone calls you in between, you keep looking towards them.

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Laughing at you

The person who loves will smile at each moment to keep you happy. They let you feel as if you are the funniest person in the world. If you want to check if a guy loves you, then crack a stupid joke if they laugh at it or not.

Stand next to you

The person who likes you will always stand next to you even if you are busy. They will spend time with you.

Remembers weird things

If your crush likes you, then they will remember small moments spent together. It means you are essential to them.


Once if you find your crush blushing for far away from seeing you, then that means he likes you. He is the right match for you.

Chatting constantly

We spend free time on social media. If a person chats and reacts to it correctly, then that means they love to spend time with you. Be polite with them and know more about them.