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1 Officer Dies and 2 Injured After Shooting In North Phoenix

There is an incident happened in the north valley, the incident is domestic violence and it which 1 officer dies and the other 2 are injured.

This incident happens on Sunday night.

The name of the dead officer is Greg Carnicle, he is a commander. He was shotted at 7 pm or around it near the Pinnacle peak road and the 40th avenue.

The name of the other two injured officers is Marissa Dowhan and Alicia Hubert. Surgery of Marissa is completed and doctors said the Marissa will be fine soon.

Alicia is also recovering, said by the doctors. This incident is started when there is a dispute happens between roommates and officers are called to solve all this.

Officers reached there are started talking to the roommates and one of them is being so frustrated that shotted the officers, and because of the one officer has to lose his life.

The died officer is 31 years old and also has a family of wife and 4 children and he is retiring soon, said by the other police officers.

He is an intelligent and honest police officer of their department, also done many special assignments in his career.

The chief of the Phoenix police said that the lost an honest police officer and a true hero, she also said that she also lost a good friend of her.

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This news shows that only with the dispute of roommates a hero lost his life and also the public lost a hero and his family also lost an essential man in their life.